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Fiido D11 Folding Electric Bike
Archer Aviation and Atlantic Aviation unite to electrify city air travel in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco with eVTOL technology.
Wisk Aero and an Australian council have partnered to boost electric air travel for the future.
The “electric sky Jeep” is out to prove that clever engineering and proven ideas can trump novelty every time.
Combining electric motors and conventional wings, the hybrid Linx P9 promises to beat helicopters on range, speed, and operating costs.
The Archer Air Taxi eVTOL concept took a big step towards reality this week, transitioning from vertical to horizontal flight.
We’ve hit a new milestone, folks. The world’s first fully electric passenger airplane, the Alice, has made its maiden voyage recently.
Beta Technologies has installed aviation charging stations across the U.S., and just completed a 1,400-mile journey to demonstrate it.
Air Canada continues its march towards carbon neutrality with an order for 30 all-electric, 30 passenger aircraft.
Canadian seaplane firm Harbour Air completed its first point-to-point test flight for the all-electric “e” Beaver prototype last week.
German tech giants Siemens are getting into the airplane business, thanks to a partnership with sea plane builder, Regent.



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