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Tesla announced a re-release of its cheapest SUV, a short-range Model Y with rear-wheel drive (RWD).
The Chargeway App is easing the challenge of finding public EV charging stations that are compatible with your vehicle.
Making the switch to EVs can seem cost-prohibitive for sure, but for folks who are on a budget, you can actually find EVs for under $40K.
Charging an electric car is becoming more consistent at public EV charging stations, so how long will it take to charge your EV?
With regenerative braking, electric vehicle manufacturers will need to rethink how brake lights are actuated and lawmakers will have to agree.
By the end of 2023, Domino’s Pizza will add over 1,100 2023 Chevy Bolt EVs to the pizza delivery fleet.
Myth busting the falsehood that electric vehicles cost too much.
Tula Technology is leading the way in creating EV motor controls that don’t require rare earth elements for efficiency.
With its low price, practical shape, good-looking body, and a new, fire-resistant battery from LG, the Chevy Bolt is coming into its own.
If you bought a Chevy Bolt EV before GM’s rebates kicked in earlier this year, they’ll give you $6,000 … if you promise not to sue them.



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