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GM announces it will bring back plug-in hybrids, possibly starting with the Chevy Equinox or Chevy Silverado.
Buick dealerships adapt to GM’s EV shift, with growth in sales and buyouts, paving the way for a thriving electric future.
The highest auto interest rates and sticker prices in generations are wreaking havoc on American car budgets.
GM plans to revitalize the Buick brand with an all-new flagship EV that’s loaded with a sweeping, panoramic dash screen!
The first all-electric Buick model is here – if “here” is China. The new, Ultium-based Electra E5 is targeting the mainstream.
Once upon a time in America, the Buick Century was a great car. In China, it still is — and it’s better than you can imagine.
GM is serious about its all-electric future, and they’re willing to buy out any Buick dealers who aren’t fully on-board.
This all-electric, ultra-luxe Buick Roadmaster Flagship concept could be just what the brand needs to get its mojo back in the US!
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