Buick Century Sets the Bar for Luxury (in China)
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Buick Century Sets the Bar (in China)

Once upon a time in America, the Buick Century was a great car. In China, it still is — and it’s better than you can imagine.

Built on an all-new “MPV” architecture, the new Buick Century isn’t quite a minivan, and not quite a limo. Despite that, it is every bit the ultra-luxury cruiser one would expect from what is arguably GM’s flagship brand in China — and one that, we think, might be just as nice to spend time in as the latest Rolls-Royce.

Think that’s an exaggeration? Take a look at the all-new Buick Century’s rear-facing infotainment screen and let us know if you think this Buick is aiming for anything less than the tippy-top of the luxury car market.

Buick Century TV/Infotainment Screen

Image courtesy Buick.

“Buick is the pioneer and ongoing leader in the luxury MPV segment in China,” says Cesar Toledo, general director of Buick Sales and Marketing at SAIC-GM. “Our successful GL8 family has continued to raise the bar over the years … representing a ‘century’ of development from Buick, the Century provides unmatched spaciousness and integrates expressive design with intelligent technology as well as luxurious comfort. It will exceed the expectations of customers and take the brand to new heights.”

Available in two versions, the ultra-luxe four seat version and “business class” six seat version, the Century’s interior features list reads like an over-the-top limo service. For example, the four seat model offers:

  • The in-vehicle partition wall with an integrated 32-inch sliding screen is an industry first. A simple press of the touch panel lifts and lowers the smart screen, turning the rear cabin into a premium quiet “personal space” with an amazing sense of privacy. It also supports the intelligent mirroring function with the screen while innovatively integrating amenities such as an 8-inch digital clock, Bose sound system, 13-liter concierge refrigerator, scent diffuser and additional storage.
  • 160-degree cloud-feel second-row seats have the greatest functionality in the CENTURY’s segment. Covered in fine perforated Nappa (semi-aniline) leather, the empire seats offer 18-way adjustable positioning, five-zone independent heating and 18-point zoned massage. The tailored neck support and flip-type footrests have advanced graphene heating technology.
  • The Bose Executive Edition sound system is Bose’s first luxury sound system that focuses on the rear-row listening experience. It comes with a pair of digital amplifiers and 21 speakers, 16 of which are in the rear seat area. They include premium UltraNearfield speakers integrated in the headrests that offer an immersive audio experience comparable to that of a concert hall.
  • pioneering starry roof incorporates 366 LEDs and 162 flashing lights on the suede lining for dynamic shooting star animation. The patterns have multiple lighting modes that include welcoming, romance and meditation. They can be adjusted through voice command or the rear 8-inch intelligent control screen for a desired romance of travel.
  • The Advanced Biocare cabin air purifying system integrates the AQS air quality control system and PM2.5 prevention filter to provide an anti-PM0.1 level of air purification for a healthy and comfortable cabin.

There’s more to the big Buick, of course, including an eighth-generation Ecotec 2.0T turbocharged engine, paired with a nine-speed HYDRA-MATIC intelligent transmission and 48V hybrid-electrical system to allow for worry-free road trips and ZEV running in China’s most popular cities, where some internal combustion bans are already in place.

That’s enough talk, though — take a look at the new Century for yourself in this gallery, below, then let us know what you think of the new biggest Buick hybrid in the comments.


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