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Sources told the Wall Street Journal that tariffs on China’s low-priced electric vehicles are set to reach 100% on May 14.
The Biden Administration finalizes the EPA rules for electric cars to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
A group of over 4,700 auto dealerships aims to stop the upcoming EPA tailpipe emissions regulation, sending a second letter to President Biden in January 2024.
The $623M in Federal EV infrastructure funding, released by the government in January 2024, will go a long way to support the EV revolution in America.
USDOT earmarks $150M for EV infrastructure funding, California leads, addressing reliability issues, $623M federal boost for EV adoption.
New rules in the federal EV tax credit, disqualifying some models in 2024, may be relaxed or delayed by the Biden Administration.
US lithium-ion EV battery market faces correction due to slowed demand, layoffs, and falling lithium prices, but recovery looms.
Reports of a slowdown in EV adoption are untrue. Cox Automotive says the U.S. market will surpass the one million new EVs sold mark in 2023.
The Biden Administration released $100 million to repair or replace broken EV chargers around the US.
Even with the stricter EV tax credits from the current administration, we can still expect to see growth in the EV sector this year.
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