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As more EVs hit the road, barriers to EV adoption exist in EV repair and maintenance as well as the electric grid.
Manganese batteries have the possibility of overtaking lithium-ion batteries in capacity and cost.
Used electric cars can be great bargains, thanks to saving on gas and maintenance costs. Possible buyers just need to be more aware of this opportunity.
Battery swapping works for electric scooters, but barriers for swapping EV batteries still exist. Commercial fleets may help start the trend.
There are ways to get the most life and charge cycles out of an electric bicycle battery, and we show you how.
How long does an electric vehicle battery last? We explore the average lifespan of an EV battery and how you can extend your battery’s life.
Ultimate Performance Machine
With an off-road electric skate, your adventures will be limitless



BYD EV concept image with transparent body to illustrate cell-to-body battery technology

What Is Cell-to-Body Technology, and How Does it Help the EV Industry?

BYD Shark PHEV Plug In Hybrid Truck Unveiled in Mexico - exterior

BYD's Exciting, New ‘Shark’ PHEV Truck Unveiled in Mexico

Forum Mobility truck charging depot groundbreaking at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility and Elemental Collaborate to Propel Zero-Emission Trucking at the Port of Long Beach