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Ford’s F-150 Lightning Platinum Black has a bold matte style melded with advanced tech for a truly special edition of the EV truck.
Kodiak Robotics introduced the first-ever autonomous Class 8 truck at a clean transportation expo earlier this year.
Autonomous cars make it easier to get work done on the move – and the AI leaders at Mercedes-Benz have partnered with Cisco to do just that!
That didn’t take long: Tesla and Elon Musk are facing down a massive class action suit over allegedly false “self driving” claims.
Despite Elon saying, “not really a recall,” the NHTSA has put Tesla on notice — forcing the brand to fix 360,000 cars with FSD Beta.
Get ready for the next step in autonomous vehicles becoming real – the Cruise Origin driverless is coming!
Swedish performance EV brand Polestar uses cameras, radar, and LiDAR technology in its ADAS systems. Soon, it’s going to us more!
In this column, we ask an advanced AI one of the most pressing questions facing electric car makers: when will robotaxis be ready?
Self-Driving Cars Lose, The VW I.D Buzz wins in Europe & What You Need To Understand About EVs before you buy one.
Tesla has found itself in hot water over its “Full Self Driving” software, but a new video suggests the system simply can’t drive in snow.



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