Episode 318 with Ben Schaffer: Unplugged Performance
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Episode 318 with Ben Schaffer: Unplugged Performance

Graphic for Electrify Podcast episode 318 titled Unplugged Performance with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Ben Schaffer

In episode 318 of Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda explores the captivating world of automotive innovation with Ben Schaffer, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Unplugged Performance. With over a decade of expertise in innovating electric vehicles (EVs) and pushing the boundaries of aftermarket performance, Schaffer shares insights into Unplugged Performance’s wild journey, their unique approach to modifying EVs, and their exciting collaborations with industry titans.

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The conversation starts with DeAnda recognizing Schaffer’s respected status in the automotive industry, especially for his innovative work at Bulletproof Performance, this includes importing Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) body kits and making automotive products exclusive. Schaffer modestly presents himself as the driving force behind Unplugged Performance, highlighting his dedication to innovation and excellence within the EV sector.

DeAnda highlights Unplugged Performance’s participation in the prestigious Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2022, where they joined forces with racing legend Randy Pobst. The conversation gets interesting as they discuss their unique partnership with Trey Parker, the creator of South Park. This collaboration resulted in the famous “Casa Bonita” branding decorating their race car’s wing canards.

Schaffer enthusiastically talks about Unplugged Performance’s philosophy, comparing their bold approach to that of pirates who fearlessly challenge norms in the automotive industry. Their path of introducing innovative modifications for EVs, such as featuring the Tesla Cybertruck at events like King of the Hammers, has not only attracted attention but also sparked debates, advancing discussions on the future of automotive engineering.

Central to Unplugged Performance’s philosophy is their unwavering commitment to engineering solutions that enhance the performance and driving experience of Tesla vehicles. Drawing inspiration from the early days of AMG, they strive to create modifications that seamlessly integrate with Tesla’s vision while addressing practical considerations like supply chain limitations and cost-effectiveness.


DeAnda commends Unplugged Performance’s dedication to functionality over aesthetics, spotlighting the importance of purpose-driven design in automotive modifications. Schaffer echoes this sentiment, stressing the necessity for every modification to serve a clear purpose, enhancing the vehicle’s performance or utility.

The discussion goes into Unplugged Performance’s involvement in various projects, from modifying police cars to setting records at Pikes Peak, showcasing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV capabilities. Schaffer discusses their approach to problem-solving and their relentless pursuit of excellence, reinforcing their support for EVs as the future of automotive transportation.

As the conversation continues, Schaffer talks about how groundbreaking the Cybertruck is and expresses his excitement about being part of the EV revolution. He mentions their various solutions for Tesla owners, like luxury suspensions and indestructible wheels, tailored to meet the diverse needs of car enthusiasts.

DeAnda and Schaffer also discuss Unplugged Performance’s future plans, including expanding internationally, offering off-road experiences with the Cybertruck, and creating new products to improve vehicle performance and aesthetics. Their shared passion for participating in iconic automotive events shows their dedication to celebrating car culture and innovation.

Schaffer highlights Unplugged Performance’s commitment to challenging norms and standing by their beliefs, even in tough times. With a strong focus on innovation and excellence, Unplugged Performance continues to shape the automotive industry.

For more information on Ben Schaffer and Unplugged Performance, visit their website and social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, and YouTube.



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