Episode 313 with Eddy Denison: Electric Yachting
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Episode 313 with Eddy Denison: Electric Yachting

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 313 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Eddy Denison, titled Electric Yachting

In the latest episode of the Electrify Podcast, hosted by Jarod DeAnda, listeners are treated to a deep dive into the world of electric yachting and boating with none other than Eddy Denison, fondly known as Electric Eddy. With a lifelong passion for the water and a wealth of experience in electric boating, Eddy sheds light on the evolution of marine propulsion systems and the future of sustainable boating.

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Eddy’s journey into electric yachting stems from a rich family history in the maritime industry, dating back to 1948. He discusses the gradual shift towards electrification within the industry, emphasizing the importance of alternative propulsion systems. According to Eddy, “Every boat that you see has batteries,” highlighting the prevalence of battery systems even in traditional vessels.

The conversation touches upon pioneering companies like Greenline Yachts, praised for their innovative approach to electric and hybrid yacht production. Eddy praises Greenline’s technology, stating, “Greenline is the only production company… that is doing this,” emphasizing the company’s commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability.


Electric Eddy’s Insights into Electric Yachting

Eddy mentions other key players in the electric boating space, including X Shore and Vision Marine, each contributing unique advancements to electric marine technology. He expresses optimism about the future of electric boating, envisioning a gradual but significant shift towards electrification.

Despite the growing interest in electric boating, Eddy acknowledges the challenges and misconceptions surrounding safety and reliability. He reassures listeners by highlighting advancements in battery technology and safety measures, emphasizing the importance of proper usage and maintenance.

Throughout the conversation, Eddy emphasizes the importance of embracing change while still appreciating traditional boat culture. He shares insights into the advancements in electric jet ski technology and envisions a future where quieter, environmentally-friendly experiences on the water are the norm. Jarod expresses his excitement about experiencing electric boats firsthand and acknowledges Eddy’s honest and transparent insights into the industry.



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