Episode 311 with Alex Guberman: E For Electric
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Episode 311 with Alex Guberman: E For Electric

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 311 with host Jarod DeAnda and guest Alex Guberman from E for Electric

In this week’s episode of the Electrify Podcast, host Jarod DeAnda sat down with the man behind the popular YouTube channel “E for Electric,” Alex Guberman. Alex has become a recognizable face in the electric vehicle (EV) community, known for his insightful coverage of EV news, car comparisons, buyer’s guides, and his dedication to holding EV brands accountable. In this episode, we got a glimpse into Alex’s journey and his valuable insights into the rapidly evolving EV industry.

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From Tesla Superfan to Balanced Advocate: Alex’s Evolution in the EV World

One of the first things that stood out about Alex is his international perspective. While currently calling Bangkok, Thailand home, he spent a significant part of his life in the United States, particularly in California. This diverse background allows him to bring a unique global view to his YouTube channel’s content.

The Electrify Podcast conversation began with Jarod applauding Alex for his unwavering passion for EVs and his honesty in sharing his opinions. Alex’s commitment to exploring the EV world head-on is evident, and he blends enthusiasm with critical thinking in his content.

Initially, Alex’s YouTube channel was all about Tesla, a brand he deeply supported. He proudly owned one of the first Tesla Model S vehicles when electric cars were still a novelty. But as the EV market expanded and other manufacturers entered the scene, Alex shifted from being a Tesla superfan to a more balanced and customer-centric advocate.

The transition to “E for Electric” came about as Alex recognized that while the EV industry promised groundbreaking advancements, it also had its fair share of challenges. As the initial excitement over EV prototypes faded, the realities of electric car ownership emerged. Alex transformed into a consumer advocate, not just showcasing the positives but also addressing the potential pitfalls and issues that needed attention.

Key Conversations: EV Adoption Challenges, Environmental Impact, Affordability, and Rising Players in the Industry

One significant issue discussed was the early adoption of EV technology. Alex expressed his concerns, likening early EV buyers to “guinea pigs.” He drew parallels to early iPhone users encountering software bugs. Many consumers might not be ready to participate in the experimental phase of the EV industry, and he believes that’s something we need to consider.

Another crucial point of discussion was the environmental impact of EVs. Alex pointed out that while he cares about the environment, most EV buyers are primarily motivated by factors like performance, technology, and style, rather than environmental concerns.


The affordability of EVs was also on the table. Alex emphasized the need for consumers to look beyond the upfront price tag and consider factors like lower fuel and maintenance costs, making EVs more economical in the long run.

Alex also highlighted lesser-known players in the EV industry, such as BYD, a Chinese manufacturer that’s been making waves in Europe. BYD’s impressive feat of outselling Tesla globally caught his attention. They offer a wide range of EV models and have been expanding into Europe and the U.S., particularly in electric bus manufacturing.

Nio, another Chinese manufacturer, received praise from Alex for its innovative approach to addressing one of the main challenges of EVs: charging time. Nio offers battery swapping, allowing users to quickly replace their batteries, eliminating range anxiety.

EV Charging Challenges, Polarizing Topics, and a Call for Unity

The Electrify Podcast dove into the state of EV charging infrastructure, with a focus on Tesla’s Supercharger network. Alex raised concerns about the increasing number of Tesla vehicles and potential wait times. He also discussed Tesla’s decision to open up its Supercharger network to other EV manufacturers, which, while beneficial for the industry, might lead to increased competition for charging stalls.

Jarod asked Alex about the most polarizing topics he’s covered on his YouTube channel. Alex highlighted four main areas: criticizing Tesla, especially CEO Elon Musk and company policies; critical views on Volkswagen, given his previous affiliation with the brand; exposing automakers’ manipulation of influencers and journalists for early vehicle reviews; and scrutinizing Rivian’s customer issues and allegations of dishonesty, despite once admiring the company.

Switching gears, Jarod asked Alex about his experience living in Thailand. Alex acknowledged the country’s beauty, weather, food, and friendly people. He also discussed the traffic challenges in Bangkok, particularly the abundance of motorbikes and scooters. When it comes to electric motorbikes, he expressed concerns about their high torque and the lack of sound for safety.

Alex mentioned a video he shared on his Instagram about autonomous cars causing traffic congestion in Texas. He acknowledged the progress of companies like Cruise in autonomous technology but noted that there are still issues and growing pains with autonomous vehicles.


The Electrify Podcast conversation took a philosophical turn, discussing the polarization in society and the electric vehicle community. Alex expressed his desire for unity and collaboration rather than division. He also expressed disappointment with the lack of innovation in the automotive industry, especially among established companies in the EV space.

Jarod and Alex emphasized the importance of challenging the industry and considering different perspectives. They stressed the need for open conversations and understanding diverse opinions. Alex’s mission is to provide information and allow consumers to make informed decisions. He also shared his decision to sell his Tesla stock when he realized that being an influencer might compromise journalistic integrity.

For more on Alex Guberman, you can check out his content on his YouTube channel.



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