Episode 309 with AlloyGator: Protect Your Wheels
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Episode 309 with AlloyGator: Protect Your Wheels

Image showcasing Electrify Podcast episode 309 with Jarod DeAnda and John Haynes of AlloyGator. Title: Protect Your Wheels

In this week’s Electrify Podcast Episode 309, Jarod DeAnda explores AlloyGator, a clever product designed to protect your wheels from unsightly damage caused by tight drive-thrus, pesky curbs, and more. John Haynes, the USA Sales Manager for AlloyGator, joins the conversation to shed light on this innovative solution.

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AlloyGator: Your Wheel’s Best Friend

AlloyGator comes to the rescue with a simple yet effective solution to a common problem: wheel damage. This impressive product, with a 15-year history, acts as a strong shield against scrapes and curb-related accidents. It neatly wraps around the edge of your wheel and, as a bonus, it’s available in different colors to not only protect but also enhance your car’s look.


Versatile and Secure

AlloyGator is incredibly versatile, fitting wheels ranging from 12 to 24 inches, making it suitable for many types of vehicles. Unlike adhesive-based alternatives, AlloyGator is firmly hammered onto the wheel, ensuring it stays securely in place, even when the unexpected curb encounter occurs.

Simple Installation

Jarod and John dive into the installation process of AlloyGator wheel protectors. While AlloyGator offers certified installers and suppliers, John explains why someone might prefer professional installation.

John clarifies that while installing AlloyGator is quite simple, you’ll need a few special tools, including a floor jack, jack stands for safety, and a three or four-pound dead blow hammer. He emphasizes that a rubber mallet won’t suffice due to the need for greater force. Also, you’ll need a PVC tubing cutter because AlloyGator’s material, a strong and durable composite nylon, can’t be cut with a regular knife or scissors.

Image showcasing Alloygator at Electrify Showoff in Miami

John emphasizes that individuals comfortable with these tools and tasks can certainly tackle the installation themselves, particularly if they have prior automotive experience. However, for those preferring a hands-off approach or lacking the required tools, the option of taking your vehicle to a shop with professionals well-versed in the installation process is available.

Tire Deflation? Not Usually Needed!

Jarod inquires about the need to deflate tires during installation. John clarifies that in most cases, tires remain snugly on the wheels, and the installation mainly entails elevating the car and releasing air pressure. This step allows AlloyGator to securely nestle itself between the tire and the wheel.


Affordable Protection

John discloses that a set of four AlloyGators costs just $129. If you choose to have them professionally installed at a shop, the cost typically ranges between $300 to $400. John stresses that this investment is less than $100 per wheel for valuable protection.

Top-Quality Assurance

AlloyGator features TUV approval, a prestigious certification attesting to its compliance with stringent quality standards in Germany. Additionally, it holds HORIBA MIRA certification, which signifies that it either matches or surpasses original equipment (OE) standards, proving it’s a high-quality product.

AlloyGator - Electrify Showoff wows Long Beach with 100+ EVs, 40+ aftermarket exhibitors, electrified classics, and cutting-edge tech. Impressive lineup!

Compatibility and Flexibility

John highlights that AlloyGator seamlessly integrates with most aftermarket wheels, with a few exceptions. It won’t accommodate wheels with spokes extending beyond the wheel’s lip or cars sporting stretched tires that lack sufficient sidewall gripping. However, the good news is that approximately 85 to 90% of all wheels on the road can use AlloyGator.

For Tesla owners, AlloyGator extends its compatibility to Tesla’s Aero covers, providing an extra layer of flexibility and protection.

Happy Customers and Money Saved

AlloyGator is receiving rave reviews from its customers, who have been sharing numerous testimonials. John provides an instance where a customer installed AlloyGators on all their vehicles, resulting in substantial savings of thousands of dollars on wheel repair expenses. He emphasizes that even a few incidents of wheel damage can accumulate into substantial savings when adopting AlloyGators.

AlloyGator - Electrify Showoff wows Long Beach with 100+ EVs, 40+ aftermarket exhibitors, electrified classics, and cutting-edge tech. Impressive lineup!

Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond protection, AlloyGators serve as an aesthetic enhancement. Customers can select from a wide range of colors to complement their car’s visual appeal. These additions often find their place alongside car wraps, caliper painting, or as a vibrant accent to the wheels.

Versatile Compatibility

AlloyGators extend their compatibility to various vehicle types, encompassing both electric and gas-powered cars. John highlights their adaptability, which also includes fitting golf carts and side-by-sides like Can-Am Spiders and Polaris Slingshots, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles.

Material Matters

John notes that AlloyGators cannot be applied to chrome or carbon fiber surfaces due to their unique characteristics. However, they seamlessly integrate with solid colors, ensuring a perfect match for your vehicle’s style.

AlloyGator - Electrify Showoff wows Long Beach with 100+ EVs, 40+ aftermarket exhibitors, electrified classics, and cutting-edge tech. Impressive lineup!

Exciting Ventures Ahead

John shares AlloyGator’s plans to participate in numerous Electrify Expo events across various locations in 2024. They are open to exploring live installations at these events, similar to what they did at the California Tesla Takeover last summer.

AlloyGator: The Unrivaled Wheel Protection

John proudly emphasizes AlloyGator’s unparalleled position as the foremost company in wheel protection systems, and no other company comes close in terms of quality and effectiveness. Don’t miss the chance to secure your wheels and give your car an extra layer of style with AlloyGator. To learn more, visit the AlloyGator website, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and tips.



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