Want an EV That Floats? This BYD Does!
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Want an EV That Floats? This BYD Does!


Looking for an amphibious ride? BYD has you covered — the Chinese carmaker has a new SUV that copies the Cybertruck’s (claimed) trick.

The YangWang U8 is a feast for the eyes, with its sleek Land Rover-inspired exterior and Ferrari-worthy performance. But what’s really got us talking is its off-road capabilities and its claim to be amphibious. That’s right, this bad boy can float on water!

Thanks to its four electric motors, the U8 can produce a whopping 820 kW of power, which propels it from 0-100 km/h in an impressive 3 seconds. This makes it one of the fastest heavy-duty ladder-frame vehicles on the market. But it’s not just about speed – the U8 can also do “tank turns” and move diagonally, like a GMC Hummer EV.

Now, let’s talk about the amphibious feature. BYD has equipped the U8 with body sealing and IP68-grade waterproofing on the electric motors, allowing it to traverse lakes and ponds with ease. A video released by the company even shows a prototype U8 navigating a lake, proving that this isn’t just a marketing ploy.

Unfortunately, the YangWang U8 won’t be available in the U.S. The brand’s vehicles are focused on the Chinese market, and right-hand-drive versions are not currently available. But with a starting price of ¥1 million (around $147,00), we’re sure it’ll be a hit with Chinese luxury car buyers who need something new and cool to brag about.

Although we won’t be seeing the YangWang U8 on North American roads, it’s exciting to see the advancements being made in unexpected electric vehicle technology. Maybe we’ll just have to hold our breaths waiting for the Cybertruck to figure out if it’ll be a boat or not.


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