Massively Overpowered Wallke H6 is a Beast of an E-bike

Wallke H6 is a Beast of an E-bike

Wallke H6 review: The fastest, most massive folding electric bike I’ve ever tested

With fat tires, two batteries, a 32 MPH top speed, and a range that would shame some cars, this folding e-bike is something else.

When we think of a folding e-bike, we think light, compact, and transportable. Most e-bikes fit into this vision of folding e-bikes, often compromising performance in order to make a lighter and more compact vehicle. Wallke is not one of these companies.

The Wallke H6 is a beast of an e-bike that just happens to fold up, and even folded up the thing’s huge. It weighs 90 lbs. (!), has 20″ wheels, and it even has a recommended minimum rider height of 5’4″, mostly due to the suspension seat post.  

This bike has specs that also live up to its size, including a 750W geared rear hub motor with a peak-rating of 1,400W, a top speed of 32 MPH, and a massive (claimed) electric range of 170 miles, thanks to not one, but two 48V 35Ah (1,680 Wh) batteries hidden in the 90 lb. folding frame.

Wallke H6 Dual Battery System

It’s got hydraulic disc brakes on massive rotors, an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, a large color LCD display, a rear rack with padded bench for passengers, and a max load of 350 pounds (158kg). This thing is excessive in every aspect, and it. Is. Awesome.

The powerful motor benefits from a powerful controller and a large battery capacity and has some impressive acceleration. The hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of braking power to stop you after the 30+ mph speeds you’ll be hitting, and the bright LED display between the hydraulic disc brake levers give you plenty of information and control in the cockpit. 

The dual batteries seem to be the soul of this bike, contributing to a lot of the weight and giving the bike its insane range. The 170 mile mark works out to 10Wh/mile, which is reasonable for a fit rider using pedal assist, but more likely for throttle-only riding, your expected range is around 50-75 miles. 

We don’t know if camping is what they had in mind for this bike, but it seems to check all the boxes for that use. And, you know, riding into battle.


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  1. Looks good. With power, mileage and stopping power. Plus excellent craftsmanship with smooth welds, no fish scales. Thanks Wallke

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