VinFast Brings its EVs to California


VinFast Brings its EVs to California

This week, Vietnamese EV contender VinFast announced plans to launch a California Road Show to engage with potential customers in the US, starting in Los Angeles and going up to San Francisco, where the company’s US base is.

VinFast first announced its plan to enter the US market late last year, and rolled its all-electric crossovers into the US for the first time earnest at this year’s CES show. There, the Vietnamese carmaker announced that its vehicles had started to reach customers in Vietnam, and said it would be following up its $200 million investment in a new California headquarters with plans to enter the US market.

This California tour is meant to increase awareness of the company’s electric car offerings by taking the VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 model electric crossovers to a few EV hotspots in the region, where consumers will be able to sit in and maybe even drive the vehicles themselves. “We are thrilled to provide potential customers a first-hand opportunity to experience our brand and learn more about our premium electric SUVs,” said Ms. Van Anh Nguyen, VinFast US Chief Executive Officer. “California is VinFast’s home in the US, with operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, so it’s important that we start our journey building relationships with local communities in our own backyard.”


VinFast President EV

Image courtesy VinFast.

You can learn more about the planned VinFast roadshow by reading the official press release, below, and then check out this post highlighting how VinFast could be a major player in the US. What do you think of this company’s chance for success in the US? Let us know on social!



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