With Superbike Styling, the Trilix Invents the Exotic E-Bike

Trilix Invents the Exotic E-Bike

With its trellis frame, the hot new Trilix e-bike has the looks of a 1990s Ducati superbike — and a price tag to match!

Italian e-bike manufacturer Moto Parilla is known for its quality, artisanal-level bike designs, and the Trilix stands out as another luxury offering from the brand, but this one brings a Bimota and Ducati-style trellis frame to the game that sets a new standard for “look at me” purchases.

As a foldable e-bike, the Trilix integrates elements of both Italian racing aesthetics and urban functionality. The aluminum frame houses a storage bag between the rider’s legs that holds the battery pack, making the bike look like a fun little cruiser rather than a true e-bike. That battery is an LG 21700 cell with 15 Ah (but we don’t have an estimated range yet).

For power, the Trilix has a Bofeili mid-drive motor with two variants — one producing up to 250 W and the other going up to 350 W. Other customizable aspects include the wheel size, which come in 16 inches and 20 inches depending on what you prefer. But no matter what size wheels you get, the Trilix is still a convenient ride, what with its low stand over height.

Other, additional accessories include a front bag and a rear luggage rack for more storage, a bottle holder, and mud guards, all depending on how you want to take this bike around your own city.

The Trilix offers a more affordable option for riders than the super-luxe Carbon bike from Moto Parilla, coming in at €2,968 (a little under $3,000, as of this writing).





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