The Lightest E-bike You Can Buy

The Lightest E-bike You Can Buy

Lightest e-bike side view of the Swissrider in charcoal

This Swiss bike-maker Thömus is opening a new location in CA. More importantly, the brand claims that it has “the world’s lightest e-bike.”

Weighing in at just 25 pounds, the Thömus Swissrider eBike is indeed extremely light for an e-bike. (It might not be the absolute lightest one, though, considering that the Scott Addict eRide and the Ribble Endurance SL e Hero do exist and boast 10.75 kg (23.7 lbs) and 10.5 kg (23.15 lbs) as their total weights, respectively.)

No matter what, though, CEO and founder Thömus Binggeli is excited. “The Swissrider is an e-bike for life and is light enough to carry up the stairs and hang on the train without effort, yet with enough power to ride with ease. Only a discreetly integrated control element on the top tube suggests that this is an electric bike,” he said.

The Swissrider comes in two versions: an Urban/Gravel and a Road option. It features an “ultra-light” high-modulus carbon frame with drive technology from Maxon, which is the same technology used on NASA’s Mars Rover. It also comes with integrated front lights and a monocoque front handlebar/stem combo in either a flat bar for the commuter/gravel option or with a drop bar for the road version.

It’s available in three colors: dark red, black, and sand. Thömus is confident that the Swissrider’s sleek design, super-light construction, and Maxon’s natural tailwind will make it a promising package for the market.

The price for the Swissrider Urban starts at $5,750, while the Swissrider Road’s price starts at $6,250.


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  1. Their web page for the Swissrider Urban ( states that the weight of the bike starts at 11.5 lb, not kg, at the top of the page under the price. They might want to fix that. 😉

    Also, it’s a shame that these bikes won’t fit anyone under 5’6″ according to the geometry specs. That eliminates about 11% of US men and about 75% of US women from riding this. (170 on the S, 168 minimum on the M.) Unless “bis” means something I’m unfamiliar with?

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