The CTY is Back! Meet the ONYX CTY2
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The CTY is Back! Meet the ONYX CTY2

ONYX CTY2 e-bike

The bike that launched the brand is back– and it’s better than ever! The new ONYX CTY2 step-through model packs big power and moped style into a thoroughly conceived, detail-oriented package that is ready to ride you off into the sunset.

First things first, ONYX CEO James Khatiblou has made a great impression on everyone here at Electrify News. Matt Teske and Jo Borras positively geeked out over the small, thoughtful design details of the RCR at the inaugural Electrify Expo event in Orange County last year, and never missed a chance to ride one (at up to 45 mph) at the other Expo events.

Everyone else who rode one came away with a big smile, too– and even if “it’s too much bike” was a common refrain, it’s clear that the ONYX isn’t too much bike for everyone. What’s more, there seem to be enough of the latter type of e-bike rider that James was finally able to do something he’s been trying to do since the brand’s initial Indiegogo in 2018: build the CTY.


Too Much is Rarely Enough

ONYX RCR at Electrify Expo Austin.

Only this isn’t the CTY. This is the CTY2, and it takes all the lessons James and Co. have learned developing the RCR into a genuine production bike and applies them to the ONYX CTY2 step-through concept.

The CTY2’s packs a 60V system (compared to the 72V system on the RCR), with a 23 Ah battery that packs 1,380 Wh into the e-bike’s frame. ONYX says the battery is good for more than 60 miles (about 100 km) of range at about 20 mph.

Go faster, and you won’t go as far. Nothing new or hard to understand there.


Clever Details Everywhere

Daymaker-style headlight on a logo-stamped bracket; courtesy ONYX.

With ONYX, though, it’s not really about the specs (though they’re fine) or the price (which is high, but not as high as you might expect), but about the detail. About the vibe of the bike– the skateboard/1970s hi-fi stereo style wood, the stamped ONYX logo here and there throughout the bike, the cable management, the top-shelf lighting, the wire wheels, etc., etc., ad nauseam.

If that kind of thing speaks to you, there’s really no other bike for you. And, if that kind of thing speaks to you in a way that’s more vintage moped than classic motorcycle, ONYX finally has a CTY bike for you. Again.


CTY2 Reboot


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