Video: Tesla FSD is NOT Ready for Winter Driving

Video: Tesla FSD is NOT Ready for Winter

Video Shows Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' Absolutely Cannot Handle Snow

Tesla has found itself in hot water over its “Full Self Driving” software, but a new video suggests the system simply can’t drive in snow.

As of January 1st, carmakers can no longer sell cars in California that it suggest are capable of driving themselves. That new law, officially called Senate Bill (SB) No. 1398, was sponsored by Democratic state senator Lena Gonzalez, and states that automakers and their dealers must provide consumers, “a clear description” of the function and limitations of semi-autonomous driver assistance features – but when that feature is called “Full Self Driving,” it’s hard to avoid such claims.

That’s because the feature seems to have trouble handling everyday scenarios in good conditions, where light is plentiful, the obstacles are enormous, the roads are clearly marked, and the streets are dry … with snow on the ground, however?

To see how his car might handle the winter weather, the Detroit Tesla YouTube account recently filmed his “Full Self Driving” Tesla attempting to drive around the city with a couple of inches of snow on the ground. As you can imagine, the Tesla did not do well. At all.

Within seconds, the Tesla is accelerating more quickly than the driver (passenger?) feels is safe, “loses” sight of the road and attempts to steer itself into a curb, then slides up to a stoplight under braking. “I can’t even get my sentences out without the car going nuts,” says Detroit Tesla, about two minutes into the video.

Super Scary FSD Beta 10.69.25 Detroit MI


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