Shimano Set to Patent Magnetic Charging
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Shimano Set to Patent Magnetic Charging

Shimano biker on mountain ridge

Shimano’s latest patent has the cycling community buzzing with excitement — and just in time for the CABDA Expo, too!

Titled “Bicycle Component, Non-Contact Charging System and Non-Contact Charging Method,” the patent details a non-contact charging system for bicycle components that can use either electromagnetic induction or magnetic resonance to wirelessly charge electronic components on the bike. The components that could potentially benefit from this technology include an electronic dropper seatpost, suspension adjuster, lamp, and a front derailleur.

Shimano has been tight-lipped about the new technology, stating, “Shimano is constantly in development of new products but does not comment on rumors, innuendo, or speculation about products whether they are in development or not.” However, the patent, published on Jan. 26, 2023, describes the implementation of the wireless charging system on both road bikes and full suspension mountain bikes, with the potential for use on any type of bicycle.

One of the components mentioned in the patent as being chargeable in a non-contact manner is the suspension adjustment module. The patent reads, “non-contact charging transmits power by electromagnetic induction using a frequency in a band between approximately 100 kHz and 200 kHz.” This means that while the charging device and component-to-be-charged must be in close proximity, there is no need for a direct wire connection.

The patent also mentions that the non-contact charging coil can be configured to use magnetic resonance, allowing for wireless recharging of electronic components even when the non-contact charging device is one or two meters away from the bicycle components. This would result in the rider only having to recharge one battery for all the electronic components on the bike.

While this technology may seem like a game-changer for cyclists, it is important to note that the additional wires required for the non-contact charging system could result in more internal routing and a greater potential for rattle. However, the smaller battery size due to the constant replenishment of charge could result in a lighter component.

Overall, Shimano’s latest patent has sparked plenty of excitement among cyclists. While the brand has not confirmed or denied the development of this technology, the patent describes a non-contact charging system for bicycle components that has the potential to revolutionize the cycling experience. With the possibility of truly-wireless recharging of electronic components, cyclists may soon only have to worry about recharging one battery.


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