Saris Announces New Rack Products for 2023

Saris Announces New Rack Products for 2023

Saris, a Madison, Wisconson-based manufacturer of bike racks, trainers, storage and more for bicycles, announces some cool new additions to their already generous line of bike racks. Not all racks are rated to carry electric bikes, but Saris has modular hitch system offers configurations that can carry up to 80 lbs per bike, made for hitch receivers on cars, trucks and RVs.

Their new Door County is a hitch-mounted (2” receivers only) electric lift bike carrier, which can lower the rack down to curb-height for easy loading, then raise back up to carrying height with the bikes on it. It is powered by a standard 7-pin connector that is common with most tow packages. It has auxiliary brake and reverse lights built in to help with visibility when your bikes are loaded and may be blocking your rear lights. It’s not cheap, at $1299, but there’s a lot of utility built-in, and it may save your back. They do offer refurbished versions for $999.

The rack itself weighs in a at 60 lbs, heavy even for a hitch-mounted rack, but it comes standard with casters underneath to make it easier to store in your garage, etc. 

This is the rack in its lowered position, it can handle up to two bikes of up to 60 lbs each. Note the accessory lighting.

The rack can also tilt down to allow access to your vehicle’s rear hatch.

Door Country rack in tilted position.


  • Easy to load electric mechanism powered by your car.
  • Holds two bikes, up to 60 lbs each
  • Integrated locking system
  • Auxiliary lighting built-in

Bikes are fastened via “lobster claws” to securely hold bikes without touching fenders or battery mounts. There’s integrated security that locks the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack. The rack is not approved for use on RVs or trailers. Saris also offers accessories like swing-out arms to offer other ways to allow alternate access to your vehicle.


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