Porsche Upgrades Cut Taycan Charge Time in Half
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Porsche Upgrades Cut Taycan Charge Time in Half

Taycan charging

A new software update has Porsche revving up charging speeds for current (and future) Taycan owners.

The Porsche Taycan is getting a new onboard charging unit that can be retrofitted into existing EVs for just under $2,000. When paired with Porsche’s new AC home charger, Taycan owners can charge their vehicles at lightning-fast speeds — almost twice as fast as they could before.

Originally, the Taycan had an onboard battery charger located in the front trunk area. But now the new charger replaces the existing one and its original wiring.

This retrofitted charger can be installed at a Porsche service center for $1,850 and takes about 12 hours of labor to do.

According to Porsche, this new setup cuts 0-100% charging times for Performance Battery-equipped Taycans from 9.5 hours to a mere 4.8 hours, and for Performance Battery Plus models, it goes from 10.5 hours to a swift 5.3 hours. And that’s not all — the upgrade also adds Plug and Charge capabilities to 2020 model year Taycans, too.

Other than the faster charging, this new update won’t change the Taycan‘s actual performance, though it will make the car a little heavier due to the new, heftier cables.

Porsche has also introduced a new 19.2 kW home wall charging unit to go along with the new onboard charger. This unit is available for $1,586 and can be directly connected to lower-capacity circuits. Just keep in mind that it has to be connected to a 100-amp circuit to work properly.

Prospective Taycan owners who are looking to buy new can easily choose this updated speedy charger option in the Porsche configurator on the carmaker’s website.

The Taycan, which made its debut in 2020, has been the foundation of Porsche’s EV lineup. Over the past couple of years, it’s gotten some exciting variants like the Cross, Sport Turismo, and Turbo S.


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