01/06/2023 - Electrify News Site
Despite being a huge market, BMX fans haven’t really had an e-bike to call their own — but that’s about to change!
A new software update has Porsche revving up charging speeds for current (and future) Taycan owners.
Denver is currently all biked-up with nowhere to ride.
After a long wait, it’s finally here. An electric Ram to challenge the F-150 Lightning arrived at CES last night, and it’s shockingly good!
The classic Volvo 240 GL wagon goes fully electric in the Netherlands with a 100-mile range, and 10 years of reliability!
Awww yeahhhh, the U.S. gets more Polestar 2 BSTs! Well, okay, just 11 more. And they’re already sold out anyway. Whoops.



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