Novitec Tunes the Tesla Model Y

Novitec Tunes the Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y front/side view

Tesla’s Model Y isn’t necessarily known for its looks, but here comes renowned Porsche tuner Novitec to the rescue!

The German tuning company has already tackled the Model S, Model 3, and Model X and improved the appearance of all three of them. Now, they’ve turned their attention to the  ho-hum, “futuristic space egg” styling of the brand’s popular Model Y electric crossover.

One of the standout additions to this tuned Model Y would be its naked carbon fiber parts, with the front lip spoiler adding some aggression while also reducing front-axle lift.

The back of the Model Y also features a new spoiler for the liftgate and a diffuser on the back bumper, both of which not only add extra aerodynamic performance but also give the rear of the car a sleeker look. The side skirts also link up nicely with the new front lip spoiler.

In addition to the exterior upgrades, Novitec has also added some impressive new wheels to the Model Y. These 22-inch forged wheels look outstanding and offer the driver better performance. The 255/30 tires at the front and 285/30 tires at the rear nicely improve the handling. The suspension has also been reworked, with Novitec giving the Tesla a height-adjustable aluminum suspension that’s only available for the dual-motor versions of the Model Y.

With some improved aerodynamics, the Model Y’s efficiency ratings could also go up – Novitec claims a potential 7% reduction in electric energy consumption thanks to the new suspension.

Finally, the inside of the Tesla can also be customized with custom-colored seat leather, dashcaps, and more to make help your Model Y even more unique than your neighbors’.

With all these changes, Novitec is looking to improve on what is otherwise a kinda meh-looking electric vehicle. With these enhancements, your Tesla can look bangin’ and be a more fun drive.


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