Consumer Reports Rates the Robotaxis


Consumer Reports Rates the Robotaxis

Consumer Reports took the time to break down how well various vehicles do when it comes to assisting drivers and keeping people safer with new technologies.

Active driving assistance, or ADA, is now available in over 50% of 2023 model year vehicles. It’s probable that the next car you buy will come with an ADA system available. The system would include perks like adaptive cruise control to control and adjust your speed along with lane centering assistance to help with steering and keep you from accidentally drifting into another lane.

The point of this technology isn’t to make a car self-driving (sorry, Tesla) but rather to make the driving experience safer while also making it more convenient.

Ford’s BlueCruise and Lincoln’s ActiveGlide were tied as the top systems according to CR’s review of 12 ADA systems, while the Super Cruise system from Chevrolet/GMC/Cadillac came in second place. CR especially highlighted these three for their use of direct driver monitoring systems (DDMS) that require drivers to keep their eyes on the road and sounds an alert if their attention strays, eventually slowing down the car if the driver doesn’t bring their attention back to the road.

Overall, CR was impressed with Ford and Lincoln’s systems for their ability to keep the driver engaged and their comprehensive capabilities and performance. Tesla’s Autopilot was in the middle at the number 7 spot, while the Highway Driving Assist system from Hyundai/Kia/Genesis fared the worst, especially when it came to how it detected and alerted an unresponsive driver.



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