NIO Sets Delivery Records
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NIO Sets Delivery Records

Nio ES8

Chinese carmaker NIO set new records with its end-of-year numbers, which helped push the brand to the top EV sales spot!

In its most recent report from December, the automaker delivered 15,815 units, a 50.8% increase from the previous year. For the fourth quarter, NIO delivered an all-time high of 40,052 vehicles, bringing its total deliveries for the year to 122,486 units. As of the end of December 2022, the company had delivered a cumulative total of 289,556 units, which is about 10,400 units below its projections.

Nio Records

The company did make an announcement on Dec. 27 to lower its Q4 projections, saying that the outbreak of Omicron variants in various Chinese cities had created delivery and production challenges. 

“While our teams have strived to maintain continuous operations on all fronts, we were not able to reach our full capacities, particularly when there have been disruptions in delivery and registration procedures involving users,” the statement said.

In addition to still-strong delivery numbers, NIO also won first prize in the China Society of Automotive Engineers Science and Technology Award for its battery-swapping technologies and applications. As of Dec. 31, 2022, the company had deployed over 1,300 Power Swap stations and more than 1,200 Power Charger stations — with 6,225 chargers and 1,058 destination charging stations and 7,159 chargers worldwide

Meanwhile, at NIO Day, the company unveiled its third-generation Power Swap station, a 500 kW ultra-fast Power Charger, as well as new models EC7 and a refreshed ES8.


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