German Roads Charge EVs While They Drive


German Roads Charge EVs While They Drive

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Range anxiety? What’s that? More cities are trying out wireless charging for EVs so they never run out of juice!

The city of Balingen, Germany, is set to open a stretch of road equipped with wireless charging technology for electric vehicles. The project, funded by the German government and supported by various tech companies, will be tested using an electric public service bus. The initiative will include two static charging stations to support this electric bus on its round trip through the city.

The technology was developed by Israeli company Electreon, which is also involved in Detroit’s mission to add two stretches of road for wireless EV charging. Copper coils are installed under the pavement and another coil is placed on the bottom of the vehicle, with a current passing through the coils to create a magnetic field that charges the vehicle’s battery. This “Electric Road System” allows EVs to be charged while stationary or in motion.


Wireless Charging Video


The first phase of the project will see a 400-meter (about 437 yards) stretch of road installed with charging stations at select bus stops. The second phase will add a further 600 meters (656 yards), creating one full kilometer of charging surface.

This project is receiving public funds worth more than €3.2 million. The government has confidence in the program, after a successful pilot test in the city of Karlsruhe.



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