New McLaren E-scooter Folds Up Fast
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McLaren E-scooter Folds Up Fast

Are you ready to one-up that guy at Starbucks with the Bugatti e-scooter? With McLaren’s new F1-inspired kick, you can!

That’s right, kids! McLaren Applied has spun off a new micro-mobility brand called Lavoie, and that brand has announced a folding scooter that can also brag about its F1 design inspiration. 

The Lavoie Series 1 electric scooter uses inspiration from race car suspensions to utilize a multi-fold design that compacts the scooter down into a smaller package for easier carrying and storage. The patented Flowfold clamp pulls open to let you fold the stem in half, while it also pulls the front wheel over the deck and locks it into a carry position. Then you can haul this 36-lb scooter upstairs or onto the train.

When it comes to actually riding the thing, this e-scooter can go for up to 31 miles in a single charge. No word yet on motor power or battery capacity yet, though. It does have an innovative approach to visibility, including a rear light array that illuminates the rider and side lights that light up the ground to make the scooter more visible to other road users. It also has a triangular headlight that’s integrated into the frame, and the indicator lights are controlled from the handlebars.

“We wanted to make a vehicle that’s reliable, faultlessly functional, powerful, stylish, full of state-of-the-art technology, and built the way you would a car or a motorcycle,” said Eliott Wertheimer, Lavoie cofounder and CEO. “We knew we could do this by combining our own expertise and experience with a company that operates at the highest level in the fields of automotive, motorsport and electronics.”

Will this thing be ridiculously expensive? More than likely. But will it be darn cool? Definitely.

McLaren Lavoie Electric Scooter


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