New Alfa Romeo EV Coming Soon
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New Alfa Romeo EV Coming Soon

  • Alfa Romeo is another luxury brand that’s looking to start electrifying its cars.
  • Their first fully-electric car should be similar to the Jeep Avenger from Europe, including battery size and power.
  • The entire brand plans to go fully electric by 2027.

Fear not, Italian car lovers! We actually do have an Alfa Romeo EV on the way.

Alfa Romeo’s first-ever electric car should hit the market in 2024. Various sources say that this first-ever Alfa Romeo EV could be called the “Brennero,” named after a mountain pass in Italy. It will be a compact crossover that would be very closely related to the European Jeep Avenger.

The new electric car will be the smallest and most affordable Alfa Romeo since the Mito supermini retired in 2018. The company is hoping to expand its customer base and distance itself from its reputation as a brand favored by middle-aged men. Instead, they want to attract families and more women to the brand.

What’s Under the Hood of this Alfa Romeo EV?

We still don’t have a ton of details yet. But we do know that the Alfa Romeo Brennero is expected to use the new STLA Small platform, which is used in various other cars currently in the Stellantis portfolio. Like the Jeep Avenger, it should probably get a range of up to 400 km (248 miles).

If we’re basing the details off of the Avenger, this new Alfa Romeo EV will possibly use a 54 kWh battery. It would its send power to the front wheels via a single 115 kW, 250 Nm electric motor. 

Alfa Romeo’s Electric Future

Alfa Romeo hopes that this electric car will help grow sales for the brand. Unfortunately, the carmaker has yet to recover in European markets after the pandemic. European sales fell by 39% compared to 2019. In addition, the brand continues to look ahead to electrifying more of its offerings. CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato says that a second-generation Stelvio SUV will arrive with electric power in 2026 to replace the current model. A year later, a large EV sedan should follow. Of course, the carmaker already has the Tonale as a hybrid within its lineup. This will all buttress the brand’s plan to become fully electric by 2027.


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