(Mini) Cooper Launches Four New E-bikes


(Mini) Cooper Launches Four New E-bikes

mini cooper e-bikes

One of the most legendary names in motorsports, Cooper— as in, “Mini Cooper”— has just revealed four new, next-generation e-bikes. The Cooper legend grows!

It would have been easy to simply crib the Mini‘s looks and apply them to an e-bike, but these Coopers are better than that. The next-generation Cooper e-bikes are built for urban commuting, and each of the new models— which includes men’s and women’s town bikes, a “Randonneur,” and a single speed “fixie” model— brings some pretty neat tricks to the e-bike fray.

In addition to classic good looks, the Cooper bikes use the 40 Nm Zehus Bike Gen2 Heckmotor integrated into the rear hub. Power comes from a 173 Wh battery, which is supplemented by a Formula 1 or WEC-style KERS system.

“KERS” stands for “Kinetic Energy Recovery System,” which converts the energy spent in braking to electrical energy, which helps to recharge the battery in motion and creates, “a hybrid drive with range guarantee” for range-anxious Cooper e-bike commuters.


Cooper Racing Red CSI-E Singlespeed


Further adding to the old-school looks of these bikes is the fact that the battery is nearly invisible. Even more invisible, however, is the digital information display— because there isn’t one. You can get all the information you need by connecting to the bike itself through a Bluetooth app, or just hop on and ride.

Either way, you’ll be getting a unique-looking e-bike that would look just as home in 1982 as it does in 2022. Which, maybe, might be precisely the point. Let us know what you think of this new lineup of Cooper bikes in the comments section at the bottom of the page.



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