Miami Nice: SUPER73 Launches New Z Miami
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Miami Nice: SUPER73 Launches New Z Miami

Super73 Miami

SUPER73 has been making waves with some high-end bikes and blurring the lines between e-bikes and motorcycles, but they haven’t forgotten the Z line that started it all. Meet the all-new Z Miami!

You read that right. The SUPER73 Z Miami might look like the Z1 you’re used to— and that’s not a bad thing!— but it’s been re-engineered from the ground up with a new, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, a more powerful electric motor, and a new, more convenient removable battery.

What makes a removable battery more convenient? Simply put, you can now change your e-bike, without your e-bike. That means you can ride to work or school, park your bike, and bring the battery in with you to charge it at your desk, so you’ll always have a full charge. Not that you’ll need to worry about that— the new Z Miami’s 615 watt-hour battery offers up to 30 miles of throttle-only range and more than 50 miles of pedal-assisted range, too.


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Video courtesy SUPER73.

It should come as no surprise that SUPER73 got this one right. With celebrity-backed one-off builds and collaborations with industry leaders like Indian, Roland Sands, and HotWheels, they have their fingers very much on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist.  And, while we haven’t ridden the new Z Miami yet, the old Z-1 we got to ride in Orange County last year was an absolute blast to ride. Making the bike lighter, brighter, and cheaper couldn’t possibly make the riding experience worse, could it?

Probably not. Regardless, you can check out our interview with SUPER73 CEO, LeGrand Crewse (below) and SUPER73’s official Z Miami explainer video (above), then let us know what you think of the new e-bike in the comments.


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