Max Verstappen Endroses a New, Special Edition Honda e

Max Verstappen Special Edition Honda e

F1 Champion Max Verstappen Endorses New Honda E Limited Edition

2021 World Drivers’ Champion Max Verstappen is endorsing a special edition of the compact Honda e electric city car.

While they officially left Formula 1 racing at the end of last season, Max won his first championship with “Honda” written on the heads of the turbocharged racing engines powering his Red Bull Racing F1 car. What’s more, the team will continue to use those engines (now wearing “Red Bull Powertrains” logos) through the 2025 season – so the relationship is still pretty tight.

As we type this, the RB18 is first and second in the drivers’ championship after 10 races, with Max Verstappen ahead of his teammate, the Mexican driver Sergio Perez. But, when Max isn’t driving the RB18 on track, the reigning F1 champ would like you to believe he gets around in an all-electric Honda e.

Before winning the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix back in April, the champion drove this Limited Edition e in nearby Dozza, and had nothing but rave reviews for the little car. “The Honda e Limited Edition is simply lovely,” he says. “It has funky looks, a compact design, and is fun to drive. It’s a great electric urban vehicle.”

You can check out the full, Honda-produced video, below, which shows the driver enjoying the Special Edition car, based on the Advance Grade trim level and carrying a £38,120 price tag in the UK (about $45K). Enjoy!


Honda e Special Edition




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