T Sportline Goes Overland in an 'Aspen Charged' Tesla Model Y


T Sportline Takes Model Y ‘Out There’

TST 18" Tesla Model Y Overland Adventure Wheel And Tire Package (Set Of 4)

The Model Y has always been a bit more “crossover” than SUV, but the guys at T Sportline know it doesn’t have to be that way …

T Sportline have developed a new 18″ tire and wheel package for the Model Y that they’re calling, “the world’s first official overlanding wheel and tire package for Tesla Model Y,” and claim that their setup will, “bolt right onto any Tesla Model Y without modifications and immediately transform your Model Y into a capable overlander.”

Despite the added visual heft of the TS package, the company claims unsprung weight is actually reduced compared to stock, thanks in part to the wheels’ TST flow forged structure vs. the cast OEM Tesla wheels. That resulting drop in unsprung mass helps to improve stability during off-road maneuvers, and combines with nearly a half-inch (+0.450″, to be precise) of additional sidewall cushion to deliver a noticeable smoother, softer on-road ride as well.

And, while objective gains are good, we happen to think the aggressive Falken Wildpeak tires do a great job of filling the Y’s cavernous wheel wells and give the whole thing a decidedly tough, outdoorsy look that somehow eluded the factory’s more aero-focused effort.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the tires and wheels for yourselves, below …

Image courtesy T Sportline; shown in “Space Gray.”

… then take a look at the tire and wheel package on the car in the photo and video gallery, below. Once you’ve taken it in, scroll on down to the comments section and let us know what you think of T Sportline’s off-road Model Y effort, and what you’d do differently on your overland rig!


T Sportline ‘Aspen Charged Edition’ Model Y Overland




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