Manager: Porsche is Working on an Electric 911
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Manager: Porsche is Working on an Electric 911

Porsche 911 Mission E Concept

It’s no secret that Porsche is working on electrified versions of its 718 Boxster and Cayman models, but an electric 911? The 911 is special – and some people believed it might be too special for electrification. Well, it looks like they don’t work at Porsche!

Germany’s Manager Magazin is reporting that Porsche’s upcoming electric 911 will be a revolutionary step forward for the storied car brand, featuring solid state batteries, supercar acceleration, and – get this – the ability charge its batteries from 0-80% in about 12 minutes. (!)

Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen, has been investing big money in solid-state battery firm QuantumScape since at least 2015. Despite early promises of a solid-state Volkswagen EV by 2018, the technology has remained elusive.


Not Elusive, Expensive

Porsche 911 Mission E concept, by Dejan Hristov.

As recently as last fall, industry analysts estimated that solid-state batteries cost about 8x more than a comparable “liquid” li-ion battery.

On a mainstream Volkswagen crossover meant to shuttle people and things to and fro in relative comfort, an 8x cost-multiplier to deliver approximately the same range is a death blow to solid-state, far outweighing any advantages in weight savings brought about by an increased energy density. On a flagship Porsche 911, however?

Cost may be no object to Porsche collectors looking for bleeding-edge technology in a first-of-its kind 911 sports car, but what do we know?

While we wait and see what Porsche decides to deliver, check out these renderings of the Porsche 911 Mission E concept from 2018. An art project by designer Dejan Hristov, the electric 911 Mission E combined classic 911 shapes with forward-thinking ideas and innovative holographic lighting that could help improve road safety and communication between drivers. Give them a look, then let us know what you make of Porsche’s electric 911 potential in the comments section, below.


911 Mission E Lighting

Porsche 911 Mission E concept, by Dejan Hristov.


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