Look at This Compact Folding E-bike From Japan


Look at This Compact Folding E-bike From Japan


You can insert the obligatory “more than meets the eye” joke about transforming e-bike concepts from Japan, here.

Meet the Tatamel, an electric bike that can fold up like a Transformer and fit under a desk. At CES 2023, Japanese company Icoma showed off this innovative design that is sure to turn heads.

Icoma had a stationary model of the Tatamel on display. To fold up, the wheels tuck into the side of the bike as the handlebars unhinge and fold up, making it the perfect size for storing under a desk or taking with you on the go.

But the Tatamel isn’t just a cool folding e-bike – it comes with some other added features that make it even more versatile. The electric battery pack can be used to charge devices (handy in an emergency). And the interchangeable side panels can give the bike a bit of personality, with options for wooden, metal, or even solar panels. The design is intentionally simple, so pretty much any square panel can be used. One of the side panels can even lift up to act as a makeshift desk.

The founders, Takamitsu Ikoma and Takuma Ogata, used to work at Takara Tomy, the company that produces Transformers action figures in Japan – so yeah, it’s no surprise that this definitely has the vibe of a robot in disguise.

The Tatamel is set to launch this spring in Japan, with a price tag of around $4,000. There are plans to bring the Tatamel overseas, but a timeframe hasn’t been announced yet. 



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