Tiny Microlino Debuts Two New Variants at Paris
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Tiny Microlino Debuts Two New Variants at Paris

It’s been a long for Microlino, but they’re finally delivering their retro-inspired electric minicars to patient buyers – and debuting two new models at the Paris Auto Show. 

First debuting way back in 2016, the Microlino was heavy on the retro design pulled from the original microcar, the Isetta. However, production stalled and the whole vehicle got a major facelift, resulting in a more modernist take on the original retro design. 8 years after its original debut, the Microlino 999 Pioneer Series is finally in production and making its way to buyers.

Of note, the Microlino isn’t technically a car – but rather a “heavy quadicycle” – which allows it to skirt certain safety regulations nd thus keep its weight (and price) down. In fact, the Microlino weighs 595kg, or about 1313lbs, making it one of the lightest EVs you can buy. However, this also means its top speed is limited to 90 km/h (56 mph) and its single electric motor products are just under 17 hp. In other words, this tiny little carcycle won’t be seeing much action on the highways. 

But while it may not go fast, it will go reasonably far with its 10.5 kWh battery offering 177km/110 miles of operating range. Most appealing of all, however, is its $15,000 price tag – which is less than many electric motorcycles and even some higher-end ebikes. 

If that is still too rich for your wallet, Microlino is also introducing a “Lite” version weighing in at 425kg/937 lbs that is classified as a light quadricycle – limiting it to a top speed of just 45 km/h/28 mph and (presumably) a shorter range. It will also come with a lower price tag, though details haven’t been specified just yet. Microlino also brought two concepts out – the Microletta electric scooter and Spiaggina convertible.


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