Himiway Upgrades Fat Tire E-bikes — They're Even Fatter!
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Himiway Upgrades Fat Tire E-bikes

Himiway Upgrades Fat Tire for Extreme Performance on All Surfaces, In All Seasons

The high-voltage heavyweights at Himiway have upgraded their full line of long range e-bikes with even fatter tires!

Himiway Upgrades Fat Tire for Extreme Performance on All Surfaces, In All Seasons

Renowned long-range electric bike expert Himiway has recently reported about their latest upgrade in the electric bike fat tire scene. The company will introduce their new upgrade on fat tires, from 4.0″ to 4.5″, to ensure the most superlative performance in all seasons, on all surfaces. Himiway has already been renowned for providing the longest range in the e-bike scene, and the latest upgrade elevates the company as the provider of the fattest tire e-bike in the market.

The new fat tire upgrade will accommodate the most popular Himiway e-bike models, including the Himiway Zebra, Zebra Step-thru, Cobra Pro, Big Dog, and Escape Pro.

Per the statements of the Himiway spokesperson, tire width is a leading factor in determining the performance of a fat tire, especially the grip. Most riders are always on the lookout for wider tires that offer more secure grip. The new, upgraded fat tires offer a much larger width than regular electric bike fat tires to support riders with tighter grip, offers a safer ride on all surfaces and it is suitable for riding in all seasons. 

We will introduce our electric bike fat tire to a much wider 4.5″ from 4.0″ to offer our riders the ‘best’ for extreme performance. Another advantage is that these can offer you a smooth and safe ride on all kinds of surfaces and all kinds of seasons. Whether it’s a ride across hilly terrain or the city center, our fatter tires have got you covered”, stated the spokesperson. “Our 4.5 Kenda is ‘the ultimate studded fat bike tire’ in the market today.”

The spokesperson further highlighted the differences between the previous 4.0″ and the new 4.5″ fat tires.

The 4.0″ Kenda model comes with moderately-sized knobs and moderate spacing that can’t offer the desired highly secured grip in extremely mucky and loose terrain. On the other hand, the new 4.5″ Kenda model has proven to offer the best service for extreme performance for an extensive and versatile range of riding styles and conditions. 

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