Uber Freight and Greenlane Partner to Build Up Commercial Electric Truck Charging Stations
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Uber Freight and Greenlane Partner to Build Up Commercial Electric Truck Charging Stations

Greenlane electric charging stations aerial view
  • The first electric truck charging stations will be in Southern California and Texas. 
  • Uber Freight logistics data will show the best spots for new truck charging stations. 
  • Greenlane is building a charging network for medium-duty and heavy-duty battery electric vehicles. 

Exhaust emissions from truck fleets create significant environmental problems. So, it’s exciting to look forward to the impact made by the partnership between Uber Freight and Greenlane. Uber Freight manages electric trucking logistics, while Greenlane will provide charging services for commercial trucks. 

The $650 million partnership speeds up the research and installation of charging infrastructure for Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Vehicles. The collaboration should help with the adoption of more HD BEVs to reduce emissions and move goods at an effective clip. 


What Is Uber Freight?

Uber Freight is connected to Uber, the ride-sharing company. They use intelligent logistics to sustainably advance supply chains and move goods globally. Uber Freight is one of the largest digitally enabled carriers that moves more than $18 billion in goods.

What is Greenlane?


Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock formed a joint venture called Greenlane. This collaboration is dedicated to building a high-performance public charging and hydrogen fueling network for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Greenlane recognizes the immediate need for a functioning and efficient nationwide electric truck charging stations network. Speeding up the development of a sustainable charging system to speed up the adoption of zero-emissions commercial freight companies. 

How the Partnership Will Work

Uber Freight

Greenlane and Uber Freight will function by sharing their knowledge of data analysis and logistics to determine the best locations for public charging stations. Uber Freight will assist Greenlane by sharing knowledge about the busiest shipping lanes based on early HD BEV adoptions, then Greenlane will build the necessary charging infrastructure in those locations.

The partnership could result in adding a charging scheduling feature along with electric fuel discounts on the Uber Freight app. 

The First Electric Truck Charging Stations Corridor

Greenlane plans to open its first electric truck charging corridors in Southern California. The next locations are expected to be in Texas and the northeastern United States. Uber Freight plans to recommend the best spots for charging and hydrogen fueling stations based on data-driven logistics.



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