EV Range Teams Up with LG, LSI, and Broadsign to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charger Management
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EV Range Teams Up with LG, LSI, and Broadsign to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charger Management

EV Range Charger Management
  • EV Range has partnered with LG Business Solutions, LSI Industries, and Broadsign to introduce a product dubbed ChargeCast.
  • ChargeCast will be an integrated solution merging EV chargers, station management software, and digital displays.
  • This charger management solution aims to transform traditional charging stations into dynamic hubs, offering advertising opportunities and revenue streams for businesses at hotels, restaurants, and malls.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, EV Range has joined forces with industry giants LG Business Solutions, LSI Industries, and Broadsign to unveil an innovative integrated solution that merges eEV charging technology with digital signage and advertising opportunities. This collaborative effort, known as ChargeCast, is set to transform the landscape of EV charger management, with the goal of making charging stations more dynamic, engaging, and financially sound for businesses.

ChargeCast: A Seamless Fusion of Technology and Opportunity

EV Range

The ChargeCast solution is meant to be more than just your average EV charging station. It’s a sophisticated blend of electric vehicle chargers, cutting-edge charger station management software, and high-quality digital displays. This trio of features comes together to offer an all-encompassing experience for businesses and drivers alike. 

With the integration of advertising displays, ChargeCast turns traditional charging stations into multifunctional hubs that provide much more than just energy.

Monetization and Marketing on the Go

One of the potential advantages of ChargeCast is its ability to simplify charger management paired with advertising displays. This opens up new avenues for revenue generation and marketing campaigns at charging destinations, including hotels, restaurants, and malls. With this integrated solution, businesses could easily monetize their charging stations and engage drivers with contextually relevant content during their charging sessions.

A Partnership Based on Expertise

EV Range

The collaboration between EV Range, LG Business Solutions, LSI Industries, and Broadsign is the culmination of various fields of expertise. EV Range’s cloud-based software and payment application provide the foundation for efficient charger management. LG Business Solutions contributes its advanced display technology, seamlessly integrating rugged, high-brightness outdoor LCD displays into the charging stations. 

Meanwhile, LSI Industries, a leader in outdoor display and digital signage solutions, brings its wealth of experience to the ChargeCast solution. Broadsign, an expert in out-of-home advertising, enhances the solution by expanding advertiser access to the valuable EV owner audience.

Driving Environmental Sustainability and Engagement

James Pfenning, Technical Sales Director at LG Business Solutions USA, expressed his pride about this large partnership. 

“Supporting a robust EV charger market aligns with LG’s focus on environmental sustainability, and we see the ChargeCast solution with LG’s advanced display technology as a key player in that expansion,” he said. “Working with EV Range and others to launch electric vehicle charger solutions that integrate LG’s rugged, 55″ high-brightness outdoor LCD displays will allow drivers to consume useful, relevant and contextual content while charging their car.”

By merging eco-conscious EV charging infrastructure with advanced display technology, ChargeCast promotes both the adoption of electric mobility and the delivery of useful, relevant, and engaging content to drivers during their charging sessions.



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