Polaris Creates Innovative EV Charging Network in Michigan
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Polaris Creates Innovative EV Charging Network in Michigan

Image of a Polaris Ranger Kinetic at a cabin that could be part of a EV charging network
  • Polaris Inc. has secured a $700,000 grant from the Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification to establish an EV charging network for off-road vehicles in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  • Polaris will partner with Yotta Energyfor integrated solar production and off-grid capabilities.
  • The initiative aims to electrify the state’s mobility sector and outdoor recreation industry, covering 120 miles of trails with charging stations for electric off-road vehicles.

Polaris Inc. has secured a hefty $700,000 grant to establish a cutting-edge EV charging network for off-road vehicles within Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The grant was generously provided by a new program from the Michigan Office of Future Mobility & Electrification (OFME), dubbed the Mobility Public-Private Partnership & Programming (MP4) Grant. This new EV charging network marks a pivotal step in the electrification of the state’s mobility sector, as well as its large outdoor recreation industry.

A Bright Charge Ahead


The construction of this new EV charging network is poised to kick off later this year, with electric off-road vehicle rentals slated to commence at the Polaris Adventures Outfitter by 2024. 

In a strategic partnership, Polaris will collaborate with Yotta Energy, a Texas-based renewable energy storage company, to furnish the charging hardware. Yotta’s REV charging stations, distinguished by their integrated solar production capabilities and off-grid functionality, are set to power this project.

“Electrification is an emerging space in powersports, and we are preparing for a future industry that includes more electric options,” remarked Andrew Chasse, Polaris’ Vice President of Strategy and Partnership. 

With a keen eye on the evolving landscape of electric powersports, Polaris is committed to overcoming the unique challenges posed by electrification in the recreation segment. This groundbreaking endeavor is set to span nearly 120 miles of trails, illuminating Michigan’s natural beauty with a network of charging stations that cater to the needs of off-road enthusiasts.

Fueling the Future of Fun


Leveraging OFME’s MP4 grant, Polaris is on track to establish an efficient and interconnected network of multi-modal EV charging infrastructure. This move will facilitate the use of diverse electric off-road vehicles, including electric snowmobiles, across the public trail system. 

Notably, Hamilton’s North Coast Adventures, a Polaris Adventures Outfitter in Ontonagon, Michigan, is gearing up to welcome an all-electric fleet of Polaris RANGER XP Kinetic off-road vehicles for its rental offerings.

Gray Rentz, Vice President of Polaris Adventures, emphasized the multifaceted benefits of electric off-road vehicles like the RANGER XP Kinetic.

“From the option for a quieter ride when renting these vehicles to less maintenance required by the Outfitter, electric off-road vehicles offer a number of benefits and will create a unique way for both tourists and locals to take in the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula.”

Charlie Tyson, Technology Activation Manager of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, highlighted the significance of supporting trailblazing companies like Polaris.

“This program will help to ensure a sustainable future for our state’s outdoor recreation industry while creating new economic opportunities for local communities and attracting investment and talent from around the country.”



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