Enel X Way Plans to Add 2 Million Charging Ports
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Enel X Way Plans to Add 2 Million Charging Ports

Enel X Way Charging Port
  • Italian EV charging company Enel X Way plans to expand North American charging infrastructure with 2 million new EV charging ports by 2030.
  • The brand will be expanding into the public market after establishing itself within the home and commercial charging segments.
  • Enel X Way has entered into cooperative contracts to help public entities purchase their charging products and services more easily.

Get ready for more efforts to expand charging infrastructure. Enel X Way, the Italy-based charging infrastructure developer, has announced ambitious plans to add a whopping 2 million EV charge ports across North America by 2030. With over 170,000 Enel X Way charging ports already sold in the U.S. and Canada, the brand has grand goals that also include installing more than 10,000 public DC charging stations in support of the National Electric Vehicle Incentive (NEVI) Formula Program in select areas of the U.S.

How Enel X Way Will Achieve Its Goals

Enel X Way aims to reach 2 million installed ports by expanding into the public charging market and leveraging their established success in serving the home and commercial charging segments. To achieve this, the company has introduced new services for installation, operations and maintenance, and financing to speed up the deployment of their Enel X Way charging ports.

Chris Baker, the Head of Enel X Way North America, emphasized the importance of building a robust charging infrastructure to facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs. 

About Enel X Way

Enel X Way, a subsidiary of the global renewable energy giant Enel Group, has the potential to make a significant impact in the North American public charging market. With their extensive experience and expertise in public charging and energy infrastructure, they have partnered with ChargePoint and electric utility companies to establish fast charging locations, enhance accessibility, and alleviate range anxiety for EV customers.

Enel X Way has also taken steps to facilitate the adoption of their charging solutions by public entities. They have entered into a cooperative contract with the Purchasing Cooperative of America, enabling these entities to purchase Enel X Way’s EV charging products, software, and services without having to go through a bidding process. 

Additionally, Enel X Way helps these entities take advantage of funding opportunities through programs like the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program.

Enel X Way has operations spanning across 16 countries. The company manages a large portfolio of over 500,000 public and private charging ports worldwide, with over 170,000 of them located in North America alone. These charging ports are managed through a combination of direct management, roaming agreements, and joint ventures, allowing Enel X Way to provide widespread access to charging infrastructure.

By offering flexible charging solutions, Enel X Way aims to meet the diverse needs of EV users and contribute to the seamless integration of electric transportation into our daily lives.


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