Choice Hotels Partners with Tesla for EV Charging
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Choice Hotels Partners with Tesla for EV Charging

  • Find Tesla EV charging stations with the Choice Hotels app or the Choice Hotels website. 
  • Cambria Hotels will all have EV charging by the end of 2024. 
  • Customers can use Choice Hotels credit cards to earn extra points when using EV chargers. 

Road trips in EVs are becoming less stressful as more hotels are adding charging stations in key locations. Choice Hotels just announced an agreement with Tesla to add Destination Chargers at several of their favorite brands around the United States. With the Tesla charging port becoming the new J3400 standard in 2025, the partnership between Choice Hotels and Tesla will become a game changer for long-distance EV travel. 


Adding EV Charging to Most Choice Hotel Brands

The partnership will put at least four EV charging stations at Choice Hotel properties like Radisson, Quality Inn, Cambria, Comfort, and 18 other brands. EV drivers can use online tools like Chargeway, the Choice Hotels mobile app, or the website to find hotels with charging points.

All Cambria Hotels Will Have EV Charging

Around the US, 41% of the innovative Cambria brand is outfitted with EV charging. During 2024, the rest of the Cambria hotels will have at least one charging station. The Cambria brand is popular with guests who appreciate sustainable businesses. Many Cambria guests own EVs and take the time to book stays at locations with charging stations. 

Dedicated to Sustainability, Safety, and EV Charging Access

Dominic Dragisich, the Executive Vice President of Operations for Choice Hotels International said, “This agreement with Tesla allows our brands to further stand out by increasing access to EV charging for guests and potentially drive incremental topline revenue for hotel owners.” 

The Choice Hotel corporate offices in Maryland and Arizona have EV chargers as a sign of support for their employees, franchise owners, and visitors. The hotelier has more than 7,500 locations in 46 countries and territories. More than 80% of hotel guests drove to their Choice Hotel rooms, as most Choice properties are located within one mile of highways. Putting EV chargers at hotels near highway exits makes EV charging safe and accessible, so EV drivers don’t have to charge at another business and walk to their hotels on busy commercial streets. 

Earn Credit Card Points on EV Charging

Choice Hotel guests can use their co-branded Choice credit cards to earn points when paying for hotel rooms and EV charging. The Choice Privileges Select Mastercard rewards 5x points at EV charging stations, while the Choice Privileges Mastercard rewards 3x points for EV charging. 



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