EA Charger Gets Hacked by Tesla Fan
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EA Charger Gets Hacked by Tesla Fan

New Electrify America Charger Gets Hacked, Displays Tesla's Supercharging Network

The new Electrify America (EA) charging stations run on Windows, and at least one Tesla loving hacker decided that was an invitation.

Using his mobile phone, a Tesla community— let’s go with “personality,” called “The Kilowatts” took control of one revamped Electrify America network charger’s Windows 10 operating system, accessed an online browser, then displayed EA rival Tesla’s Supercharger EV charging network.

You can check out the full video, which does not show how the hack was done in detail, but which appears to be using a version of TeamViewer to control the OS, below:


In typical, social media hysterics, a number of EV critics have rushed to their keyboards to express concerns about EA’s Windows system’s security, with some even calling this “a national security issue,” saying that EA, as one of America’s largest charging networks present in almost every state and tasked with managing reams of consumers’ financial and location data, is “leaking” this information to hackers.

We’re just waiting to see what happens when the anti-EV hysterics figure out that most gas stations also run on Microsoft’s platforms — hilarity will, no doubt, ensue.

The VW-owned subsidiary has over 790 charging locations as we go to press, and those that don’t yet have the new, Windows-based system will, presumably, be getting it soon. Expect EA to clamp down on security with an update in the coming days.


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