E-bike Expo: Huck Cycles Overland Electric Moped
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E-bike Expo: HUCK Cycles Overland

Huck Cycles Overland is a US-made Mad Max-style electric moped proving popular in big cities

With an aircraft-inspired, riveted aluminum body and high-tech electric tech, the HUCK Cycles Overland is ready for action.

It’s nothing new to see off-road vehicles migrate into the city — think about how many Jeeps you see in the ‘burbs that never see a muddy trail outside of those spring rains that make highway traffic so icky. Or think about the number of Yeti products you see in the hands of people who aren’t hunters. It’s a common thing for people to enjoy the ruggedness of certain brands and bring them into their everyday lives.

That’s why it’s not too surprising that the HUCK Overland series of e-moped is becoming popular in cities. Made by North Carolina-based HUCK Cycles, the Overland is a relatively lightweight electric two-wheeler that was originally designed for hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The Overland is a small and nimble moped, weighing just 145 pounds and equipped with a 6 kW peak-rated motor and 3 kWh battery rated for 40 miles of range. Because it’s manufactured in the US, the Overland will meet all federal-level regulations and is street legal. Each one comes with a VIN and manufacturer’s certificate of origin, though not everyone will be required to register their HUCK bikes. They come with a speed-limited “moped mode” that lets them be classified as 49cc scooters or mopeds in multiple states. But with multiple speed modes, it would be wise for buyers to register their HUCK bikes, as they can go 45+ mph.

Even with all this, though, HUCK Cycles founder and CEO Brett McCoy has been surprised at the market for the Overland: “I’ve been shocked at how many people in larger cities like NYC, LA, and Miami have jumped on this model as a daily commuter. Apparently, the rugged Mad Max look is in for city riders too.”

The Overland comes in three trims: the ARC, which is designed for delivery and transport; the AT, which is for off-roading; and the S, which is the catch-all version. The Overland S is the most affordable version, at only $5,800. The AT is much pricier at $8,300, and the ARC is the most expensive trim at $8,600. All three Overland models are available through the Huck Cycles website.

Overland Pioneers vs. HUCK Cycles Overland AT


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