CAKE Set to Electrify Farming with Kibb Electric ATV
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CAKE Set to Electrify Farming

CAKE kibb electric ATV farm tractor

This concept developed for Swedish brand CAKE hopes to reinvent the small farm ATV with a new electric concept called Kibb.

Best known for its electric motorcycles and dirt bikes, CAKE has been expanding into other markets recently, from balance bikes to kids’ bikes and even lunar-lander motorcycle concepts— but throughout it all, it has developed a very recognizable design language. Now, digital designer Fanny Jonsson has developed a design proposal for CAKE called the Kibb ATV.

One look and we think you’ll see that that signature design language in the Kibb’s frame, which strongly resembles CAKE’s Ösa utility bike, except of course it has four wheels rather than the standard two.

The Kibb concept (Kibb means “Ox” in the Gutniska dialect of Swedish, apparently), comes with a number of features that’ll be useful to any small or hobby farmer baked in, including a modular design that can be fitted with storage racks, baskets, pull-behind implements, and more. Jonsson even designed a few implements of her own, like a planting attachment to disturb the soil (and the insects that live there) as little as possible. 

You can check out the concept for yourself, below, and see if you follow along with Fanny’s thinking. If you do, let us know in the comments— maybe you’ll help convince CAKE to actually build the thing!


CAKE Kibb Concept ATV




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