Blurring the Line Between E-bike & RV
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Blurring the Line Between E-bike & RV

You love the idea of an RV for bringing it with you, but want to keep it small? This e-bike camper may be the thing!

Dutch company Flevobike has announced the GoCamp, a cute little pedal-powered RV that’s a camper module that pairs with the GoLo cargo quadricycle. This tiny electric motorhome comes with an expandable hard-roofed interior with a convertible lounge/bed, a workstation/dining area, and a solar-charged battery that powers both the camper and the cycle’s motor.

The GoLo is a dedicated cargo bike that can carry loads up to 440 lbs, so you shouldn’t struggle at all to haul the camper around. The GoCamp is a modular box system that you can pop out to sleep in after a long day of biking, or you can remove the GoCamp and still use the utility bed or cargo container of the GoLo at other times.

The GoCamp has some nice details that actually make it fit an adult human, like the front foot box expansion, which folds forward over the saddle and allows for an 87-inch by 33.5-inch single bed. The right side has a flip-up hatch door to get in and out, and it has a rollable screen so that you can enjoy the breeze while you sleep and still keep the bugs out. If it’s rainy at night, you can close the side hatch and still see out the large left-side window.

You can find shelves inside the camper to hold dishes and the like, while under the bed there’s additional cargo space. Plus, there’s even more external storage in a special drawer to hold your spare wheels, tools, or maybe a folding camping chair.

This camper’s e-bike has a 1,000 Wh battery pack that powers the 250 W pedal assist and the GoCamp’s amenities like the lighting, 12 V and USB outlets, and the fridge box. Flevobike estimates that the solar charger could add enough battery power for up to 31 miles of pedal-assisted range in a given day.

We don’t know a cost yet for the whole GoCamp setup, but the GoLo bike itself goes for about $10,550, so start to save your pennies now.

GoCamp GoLo E-bike Camper


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