Uber Affordable Propella 9S PRO V2
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Uber Affordable Propella 9S PRO V2

woman riding Propella 9S PRO V2 near marina
  • Propella 9S PRO V2 is well priced at $1299.
  • Boasts a torque sensor.
  • Fairly light at 42 lbs.
  • Stealthy, doesn’t immediately look like an e-bike.

Propella is known as a good budget brand. Their popular 9S Pro is being updated in time for the December holidays with the 9S Pro V2. They’ve learned a lot from the original, and they’re upgrading it quite a bit. First of all, they’ve integrated the battery into the frame, so it doesn’t have the bulky battery mounted on top of the down tube. It’s really stealthy this way.

Next, following one of my favorite new e-bike trends, they’ve added a torque sensor. This means that when you pedal, the pedal-assist that the motor provides feels far more natural. The harder you pedal, the more it gives you back. Most bikes in this price range only use a simple cadence sensor, which only knows that you are moving the pedals, not whether or not you’re putting any effort into it.

What’s astonishing, however, is that not only did they put in a torque sensor and integrated battery, but they’re selling it for less than the original version. The Propella 9S PRO V2 comes in at $1299, a pretty serious value.

The two styles of the 9S Pro V2. Image care of Propella

The Bike

The bike itself is available in two frame styles, a step-through and a step-over. Both are a pretty clean design. To quote Henry Ford when he was talking about the Model T, you can have it in “Any color the customer wants, as long as it’s black.” Matte black, to be precise. Which, honestly, most people gravitate toward that color when offered a choice. 

There’s no suspension offered, so any damping will come from the 27.5”x2.0” tires. Those will offer very little rolling resistance, but also won’t take much of the shock from bumps. Aluminum as a frame and fork material has little flex. One option, if your roads aren’t perfect, is to put in a suspension seatpost. They aren’t cheap, but they’ll save your derriere over bumpy roads. There are also suspension stems

The Propella 9S PRO V2 is fairly lightweight for an e-bike, at 42.5 lbs. Perfect for commuters who need to carry the bike up and down stairs, load it on bike racks, etc. The battery is removable, so that can save you a few pounds if needed, and you can also take just the battery inside for charging.

Image care of Propella

The Parts

The drivetrain is a Shimano Altus 9-speed setup, it has hydraulic disc brakes which is surprising as a bike in this price bracket usually has mechanical disc brakes. There’s an integrated headlight, fenders, and an adjustable stem so you can sit as upright or forward as you’d like.

The front Thru-axle setup is nice and secure. It’s a form of quick-release so you can take the wheel off without tools (remember that when locking the bike anywhere), but it’s far more secure than a traditional quick-release skewer, much better for keeping the wheel secure with the forces of an e-bike and hydraulic disc brakes.

The bike arrives 80% assembled, and Propella provides the tools to assemble it and they have some nice videos that fully explain how to assemble the bike yourself. Of course, you can also take it to your local bike shop to have it professionally unboxed and assembled if you would prefer that.

The Motor 

The motor is a small, 350W rear hub motor made by MIVICE. It’s small enough that you barely notice it from some angles. Straight from either side, it’s hidden by the 9-speed cassette on one side and the brake rotor on the other. It’s also lightweight, the entire system (without the battery) weighs 5.5 lbs. 

To keep the cost down and the size of the battery reasonable inside the down tube, Propella went with a small, 350Wh battery made of LG 21700 cells. They claim you’ll get “up to 55 miles” on a charge. I’ll believe that when I see it, I’d expect most people would get 20-30 miles of a charge. The good thing is that the charge time is only 3 hours from 0-100%.

The motor system is SGS Certified per UL Standards.

Who It’s Made For

The 9S Pro V2 could be a good bike for commuters. It is a Class 1 e-bike, meaning it will give you pedal-assist at up to 20 mph, it has no throttle. Some commuters prefer a Class 3 e-bike, which can travel at speeds of up to 28 mph on bike lanes, but that generally requires a more powerful motor and bigger battery, which would negate all the reasons this bike is as good as it is.

The Verdict

This bike ticks so many boxes. It’s a decent commuter for a decent price, relatively lightweight, and has a torque sensor. If you don’t normally go on really long rides, and your budget isn’t high, this is well worth a look. As for who it actually fits, though I’ve listed heights below, there are some details on the company website that explain why the shorter and taller ends of those scales may offer a “marginal” fit.

You can put down a $200 deposit now, delivery is expected by December 2023, in time for the holidays.

Propella 9S PRO V2 Specs

FrameAluminum Alloy
ForkAluminum Alloy
MotorMivice, 350W Class 1
BatteryRemovable internal Lithium-ion, 350Wh with LG 21700 cells
ControlsFull color LCD display
Charge Time3 hours
Top Speed28 mph
Range30 to 55 miles (claimed)
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus, 9-speed
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes
RimsAnodized blue aluminum, 27.5”
TiresCST Brooklyn Pro 27.5×2”
Weight42.5 lbs
Color ChoiceMatte black
SizesOne size for step-through (5’0”-6’2”), one for step-over (5’3”-6’4”)



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