Ride to Adventure: The woom UP 5 Kids Electric Mountain Bike
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Ride to Adventure: The woom UP 5 Kids Electric Mountain Bike

Image showcasing side profile of the woom UP 5 kids electric mountain bike
  • woom UP 5: a kids electric mountain bike with FAZUA motor.
  • Safety-first design, motor assistance safety feature.
  • 10-year warranty for frames, forks, bars, stems.

The woom UP 5 is an exceptional kids electric mountain bike tailored for kids aged 7 and up. With a powerful FAZUA motor, suspension fork, and disc brakes, this electric bike promises a smooth and controlled riding experience. Safety is a top priority, with the motor automatically disengaging at speeds over 12 mph, and a strong emphasis on safety gear such as helmets and high-visibility clothing. Notably, the woom UP 5 comes with a generous 10-year warranty for its aluminum frames, rigid forks, bars, and stems when registered online, showcasing the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality. It’s a remarkable choice for young adventurers looking to supercharge their mountain biking journey.

Introducing the woom UP 5

The woom UP 5 is an awesome addition to kids’ electric bikes, making your child’s biking adventures super exciting. It’s got a powerful FAZUA motor, disc brakes, and a suspension fork to amp up the fun.

But what really sets the woom UP 5 apart is how it’s designed just for kids. They know how important safety and comfort are, especially for young riders. That’s why this ebike has kid-friendly geometry and enhanced safety features.


For instance, if your child goes faster than 12 mph, the motor-help takes a break, so they use their own pedal power. Safety always comes first with this e-bike.

The FAZUA Evation Drive System

Image showcasing e-motor of the woom UP 5 kids electric mountain bike

Now, let’s dive into the most important part of this electric bike – the FAZUA Evation drive system. It’s like the bike’s engine, and it’s pretty cool. It has a 250-watt motor, a 250 Wh battery, and 55 Nm of power, which means it’s strong and easy to control.

Your child can pick from three support modes to decide how much help they want from the motor. And the best part? You can take out the motor and battery to charge and look after them. There’s also a handy app called FAZUA Rider that helps you keep an eye on things like speed, distance, battery, and even where you’re going. Super convenient!

Built for Adventures and Safety: The woom UP 5’s Premium Aluminum Frame

Image showcasing lightweight aluminum frame and suspension fork of the woom UP 5 kids electric mountain bike

The woom UP 5 has a super light and top-quality aluminum frame with 24″ wheels. This makes it easy to handle and comfy to ride. It’s just right for all sorts of places, like gravel roads, trails, or going to school.

But, safety comes first! Before your child takes off on their electric bike adventure, be sure to check the rules about e-bikes in your area. And always make sure they wear a helmet, bright clothes, and have good bike lights. And when they hop on or off, be extra careful because e-bikes are a bit heavier than regular ones.

Attention to Detail: Comfort, Control, and Precision

Image showcasing the trigger shifter of the woom UP 5 kids electric mountain bike

The woom UP 5 pays close attention to all the little things. They’ve thought about everything, like the comfy seat that’s just right for kids, easy-to-hold grips, and pedals that give a super grip with 100% silicone.


And when it comes to gears, this bike has you covered. It’s got 11 different speeds, a shifter that’s really precise called SRAM NX trigger shifter, and a SRAM NX rear derailleur. That means your child can smoothly switch gears, making it a breeze to ride on all kinds of roads. Plus, with the E-motor, they’re all set to handle any hill!

Smooth Sailing: Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tires for Optimal Performance

Image showcasing tires of the woom UP 5 kids electric mountain bike

The Schwalbe Rocket Ron mountain bike tires on the woom UP 5 offer low rolling resistance, exceptional grip, and excellent shock absorption in all conditions. These tires, with ADDIX SPEED rubber compound, are known for their durability and longevity, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride.

woom’s Confidence: Backed by a 10-Year Warranty for Lasting Quality

At woom, they stand behind their bikes with a 10-year warranty on aluminum frames, rigid forks, bars, and stems when you register your bike online. They’re committed to inspiring children to love riding their bikes, and that’s why woom guarantees the premium quality of every woom bike down to the last detail.

The woom UP 5 is a top-tier kids electric mountain bike. It’s designed with great care to make biking exciting and safe. Whether your child is exploring trails or riding to school, this bike is up for the adventure. You also get peace of mind with woom’s 10-year warranty on the aluminum frames, forks, bars, and stems when you register your bike online. And with a price of $3,799.00, it’s a top-quality investment in your child’s biking journey.



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