Eleglide Launches a New E-Bike: The M2 Designed for High-Performance Off-Road Rides
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Eleglide Launches a New E-Bike: The M2 Designed for High-Performance Off-Road Rides

Eleglide M2 woman riding in the middle of a trail
  • The Eleglide M2 has a lightweight fork for better maneuverability and acceleration. 
  • Elegilde is a European e-bike manufacturer with options for all types of riders. 
  • The M2 is a 24-speed e-bike with all-terrain pneumatic tires and hydraulic brakes.

Eleglide launched its new electric mountain bike, the M2, which outperforms the M1 mountain bike. This new e-bike has a lighter and stiffer fork to help riders move faster and maneuver more efficiently, especially on high-performance rides. 

European e-bike riders have discovered the benefits of the Eleglide lineup which includes rugged off-road bikes like the M1 and T1, urban bikes like the Citycrosser, and heavy-duty fat bikes like the Tankroll. Thanks to Eleglide’s quality products, the company has gathered a collection of dedicated cyclists. The release of the new Eleglide M2 promises riders will enjoy a remarkable journey on a high-performance off-road e-bike. 


What’s Included in the M2

The M2 is designed for rugged off-roading, and the e-bike manufacturer added an aluminum fork to make the bike stiff and light. Riders will be able to accelerate at a speedy flip, then maintain their speed. Eleglide put a steel fork in the M1, so riders who upgrade to the M2 will certainly notice the differences. 

Eleglide added a 15Ah battery pack to deliver ride-assist support for up to 125 kilometers. The 55Nm motor for zippy rides, especially up and down hills. To keep riders safe and comfortable, the M2 has wide pneumatic tires. 

The M2 has hydraulic disc brakes for optimum brake control with less effort. These brakes are built to last, especially compared to traditional mechanical brakes. Eleglide added a hydraulic suspension with a lockout for a responsive, smooth, and firm ride on the M2. This innovative e-bike has a 24-speed system with smooth-shifting Shimano derailleurs. The gear system is divided into three in the front and eight in the rear. 

Where to Find the Eleglide M2

The Eleglide M2 is for sale on the manufacturer’s website and is priced at €849.99. The e-bike is for sale in the EU and will soon be for sale in the UK. The Eleglide lineup is for sale on Geekbuying.com.

Get to Know Eleglide

Eleglide is an e-bike company inspired by the melting icebergs in Antarctica. After seeing the devastation of climate change, the founder decided to begin the company to create low-emissions transportation for everyone

The e-bike manufacturer is dedicated to building bikes for everyone – from biking enthusiasts to differently-abled, young riders to people who haven’t ridden a bike in years. The Eleglide lineup provides convenient and easy-to-use e-bikes that will help people begin to make a difference for the planet. 



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