Gravel Bike Specialists Crow are Joining the E-bike Fray
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Crow Joins the E-bike Fray

Crow Bicycles joins growing market for ultralight ebikes for road & gravel

The list of e-bike manufacturers seems to grow every day, but the gravel bike masters at Crow are coming to the market with something else.

One surprise that many first time e-bike riders encounter is the sheer weight of their new electrified bike, so some manufacturers are trying to meet riders in the middle by making lighter rides with smaller batteries that offer many of the benefits of heavier e-bikes but still keep the experiences of pedaling and fitness front and center.

Spanish company Crow Bicycles is one such manufacturer, and they’re coming into the market with the release of their new, electrified Gravital line.

Crow has had a longtime focus on gravel bikes, so the new line does include several eGravel modes, but it’s also offering lightweight bikes for commuting on the roads. Each of the bikes in this line include the Fazua Rid 50 Trail motor system and a 252 Wh battery that can go for a little over 50 miles on the lowest assist setting.

The Gravital UL 1 LTD is the top-of-the-range gravel e-bike from Crow, and it can now be classified into the ultralight category after getting down to just 28.6 pounds. It has a 13-speed Campagnolo Ekar rear derailleur and Campagnolo Shamal Carbon wheels.

The cost is around $9,345.

Crow Gravital UL 1 LTD

The Gravital Risbar SL 4 is a bit heavier at 33 pounds, landing in between the ultralight electric mountain bike and the standard drop bar eGravel bike. The Risbar has riser handlebars that give riders a more upright stance for more control.

This one sells for about $3,845.

Crow Gravital Risbar SL 4
Gravital Risbar SL 4; courtesy Crow.

Next up is the Gravital Naked SL Series, aimed at commuters and weekenders. It comes with an ultralight carbon fork and flat handlebar to keep it light and easy to ride.

This model’s cost is around $3,845.

Crow Gravital Naked SL Series

The Gravital Urbe is another model designed for commuters, with its rear rack, large mudguards, and riser handlebars.

This one weighs in at 34.6 pounds and will have a price point of around $4,155.


Lastly, there’s the Gravital Pace, built for the road endurance segment. The handlebars are extra narrow to reduce drag, and its slick tires and road-oriented transmission make it a good design for long distances and steep climbs.

This one will cost around $4,470.

Crow Gravital Pace e-bike
Gravital Pace; courtesy Crow.

If they want to, riders can remove the battery from these Gravital model bikes and shed 6.6 pounds off the bike’s weight. In its place would be an optional hollow tube that could house extra storage space for tools and snacks. (Ooh – snacks are great! –Ed.)





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