Farasis Energy Leads Global EV Battery Innovation with Super Pouch Solution (SPS)
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Farasis Energy Leads Global EV Battery Innovation with Super Pouch Solution (SPS)

Image showcasing Farasis Energy Super Pouch Solution (SPS)
  • Farasis Energy, a leader in lithium-ion power batteries, showcased its Super Pouch Solution (SPS), eVTOL battery, and high-performance battery system solutions for electric motorcycles and portable power stations, at the China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) 2023.
  • The Farasis Energy SPS system offers an impressive energy density exceeding 220Wh/kg.
  • SPS optimizes charging efficiency, reduces costs, enhances performance, and adapts to various EV models.

In the electric vehicle (EV, PHEV, HEV) landscape, power batteries play a pivotal role. Their demand has skyrocketed, with the global installation of power batteries reaching a mammoth 552.2GWh from January to October 2023, a remarkable 44.0% increase compared to the same period the previous year. This surge reflects the pace at which the EV market is expanding. As the demand grows, so does the expectation for superior battery performance. Key aspects such as fast charging, cost-effectiveness, extended driving range, lightweight design, and safety have become focal points for consumers.

Image showcasing SNE Research global EV battery installment trend, January 2023 to October 2023

Standing at the forefront of future EV battery requirements, Farasis Energy, a global leader in the development of lithium-ion power batteries for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems, has unveiled a series of groundbreaking innovations at the inaugural China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) 2023.

Among their latest offerings is the Super Pouch Solution (SPS), a cutting-edge product designed to address the most pressing consumer demands in the EV market. Complementing the SPS, they have also introduced an advanced eVTOL battery technology. Farasis Energy has developed high-performance battery system solutions specifically designed for electric motorcycles, addressing the need for efficient, lightweight, and powerful batteries in this sector. Additionally, their novel portable power stations showcase their commitment to versatility.

The Super Pouch Solution (SPS) presented by Farasis Energy is specifically engineered to augment EV battery charging efficiency, curtail costs, boost performance, and adapt seamlessly to diverse EV models. This revolutionary solution amalgamates four pivotal technologies:

  1. It incorporates large-format pouch cells, designed to improve energy density, provide higher safety margins, and reduce the weight of the battery pack.
  2. The SPS features integrated battery systems, fostering improved management of power distribution and enhancing overall vehicle efficiency.
  3. The product leverages cutting-edge manufacturing processes, driving down costs while maintaining high-quality product output.
  4. The SPS is designed with efficient direct recycling in mind, supporting the drive towards a more sustainable, circular economy in the EV sector.

SPS Key Features:

  • High Energy Density: SPS delivers impressive energy density (220Wh/kg) for over 1,000km of driving on a single charge.
  • Advanced Cell Tech: Using lightweight materials and smart stacking, SPS outperforms traditional batteries by over 10% in energy density.
  • Rapid Charging: With Farasis Energy’s Turbo Charge tech, SPS enables fast charging, offering up to 400km of range in just 10 minutes while maintaining efficiency.
  • Lightweight Design: SPS integrates large pouch cells and efficient cooling, making it 20-30kg lighter than regular batteries while maintaining performance.
  • Enhanced Safety: SPS prioritizes safety with innovative materials, thermal management, and an AI-driven system, extending battery life and preventing thermal issues.
  • Cost Efficiency: SPS reduces material costs by 33%, adapts to various battery types, and offers customizable sizes from 80kWh to 150kWh.
  • Smart Manufacturing: SPS uses automation and sustainable practices for efficient production, ensuring consistent quality.

Farasis Energy’s SPS sets a new standard in global power battery innovation, favored by top automakers. With the EV market evolving, innovative solutions like SPS are opening up exciting possibilities for cost-effective, safe, and high-performance electric vehicles.



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